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The 4-day week for Swiss companies

hand holding blocks withe 4-day work week written on them
4-day work week

The latest major study on the subject of the 4-day week is just a few days old. This time, it mainly involved companies from the Australasian region. The research was again led by Boston College and Juliet Schor. Two impressive numbers from it:

44.3% reduction in sick days

A reduction of burnout by almost two thirds

For anyone wondering "How can this be implemented in my company?", I invite you to the Zukunftszmorge at Bern University of Applied Sciences.

There you will get an input as well as a panel discussion with experiences from Switzerland. This will be led by New Work expert Prof. Dr. Caroline Straub and Alain Cardinali. I will be on the panel together with the CEO of seerow Fabian Schneider and the Head of the Office for Adult and Child Protection of the City of Bern Ester Meier.

Afterwards, there will be a world café, or moderated discussion sessions with participants on the feasibility of the 4-day week.

The event will take place in the Aula, Brückenstrasse 73, Bern, on Friday, May 26, from 8-9:30. Admission is free.

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