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The 4-Day Week as an Employer Branding Tool in the Swiss Service Sector

Under the title "The 4-day week to increase employer attractiveness, employee retention and work-life balance in the service sector in Switzerland", Shabina Gnanaseelan and Flavio Provenzano researched a topic at FHNW that will shape the future of the working world in Switzerland.

Mützen von Unistudenten

The bachelor thesis is not only a remarkable achievement, but also a valuable resource for anyone interested in how the introduction of the 4-day work week can increase employer attractiveness.

Flavio and Shabina have conducted thorough research and reviewed an innovative solution that can be applied in the service sector.

It was a pleasure to work with these bright minds and contribute my knowledge as an expert. Their dedication and commitment definitely paid off!

If you want to dive deeper into this fascinating study, you can find the bachelor thesis here:

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