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Health at Work: One Step Closer With the 4-Day Week

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The world of work has changed considerably in recent years, and the demands on employees are in flux. In the wake of these changes, one concept is becoming increasingly important: the 4-day week. But what exactly is behind this concept, and how might it affect the future of work and the health of employees?

These and many other questions will be the focus of my upcoming presentation, which I will give as part of a two-day symposium in Brunnen, Schwyz. The symposium is organized by the union "Public Personnel Switzerland" and gathers experts and interested parties to discuss the latest developments in the field of work and their impact on health.

The idea of the 4-day week is gaining attention worldwide. It refers to the shift from the traditional 5-day workweek to one in which employees work shorter hours, but with pay compensation. This approach has the potential not only to improve workers' lives, but also to promote their health. It promises a better work-life balance, less stress and higher productivity.

During my presentation, I will discuss the benefits and challenges of the 4-day workweek when it comes to practical implementation. We will talk about how the shift to shorter work weeks can positively impact workers' physical and mental health.

The symposium is a great opportunity to connect with peers, share experiences, and benefit from insights from leading experts in the fields of work and health. If you are interested in the future of work and its impact on health, this is an event not to be missed.

To attend the symposium and hear my presentation, you can register via the Public Personnel Switzerland union website. We look forward to exploring the future of work and employee health together, and finding out how the 4-day work week can bring about positive changes both professionally and personally.

Join us and shape the future of work and health!

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