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A 4-day week in Switzerland?

Did you know that the legal reduction of working hours in Switzerland was at times pushed by citizens concerned about moral and physical decay? Apart from that, the argument was often increased productivity. But despite rising productivity, reductions in working time have stagnated in recent decades. However, first countries, such as Iceland, have now introduced the 4-day week. Would this also be a possibility in Switzerland?

On Monday the 24th of April at 17h I will discuss together with the CEO of seerow Fabian Schneider, Roger Wehrli from Economiesuisse and Daniella Lützelschwab from the Swiss Employers Association about the chances and challenges of a 4-day week in Switzerland. Before the discussion, I will give an introductory presentation on the relevant facts.

The discussion and presentation are running in the event series "Focal Points in the Public and Nonprofit Sector" of the Master's program Public and Nonprofit Management of the Lucerne School of Business. Admission is free.

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