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With vision into a successful future

The 4-day week is a way to increase employer attractiveness, improve employee health and increase turnover. Regardless of why you're interested, the 4-day workweek is not a no-brainer. There are many stumbling blocks to navigate. To reduce the risks of a flawed implementation and increase the chances of a successful rollout, I'm happy to serve as your expert advisor.​

Organisationsentwicklung: Service
Fabian Schneider

Fabian Schneider, CEO seerow

We didn't want to overlook anything when introducing the four-day week. That's why we gave Veit the job of looking for and removing obstacles, providing a view from the outside and the inside, and avoiding surprises. Our conclusion: the collaboration was a complete success. His insights were helpful and the workshop provided new learnings.

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  • Are you considering introducing a 4-day week at your company, but don't know if it can succeed or how you would go about it?

  • You are already in the process, but need an outside perspective?

  • You have a concept, but want to check it for risks and feasibility?

No matter where you stand - I help you to create clarity in the current situation and for further steps.


  • You want to introduce a 4-day week in your company and need support?

  • You want to reduce the risks of transformation? 


Whether in the preparation, the implementation, the evaluation or the detection of blind spots - I accompany you.

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