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With vision into a successful future

Characteristics of our working world are currently automation, burn-out, continuous acceleration and innovation compression. These are stressing companies and employees and require a rethinking of our relationship to work and performance. Companies that address these issues now will benefit in the medium to long term.


Supported by scientific results on questions regarding productivity, balanced and high-performing employees as well as the resulting economic success, I accompany your company in a well-founded and future-oriented way. 

Especially in the case of fundamental transformations, such as the introduction of the 4-day week, the value is shown by the external view.

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Fabian Schneider

Fabian Schneider, CEO seerow

We didn't want to overlook anything when introducing the four-day week. That's why we gave Veit the job of looking for and removing obstacles, providing a view from the outside and the inside, and avoiding surprises. Our conclusion: the collaboration was a complete success. His insights were helpful and the workshop provided new learnings.

Health, Productivity, and Emotional Connection

Recent studies show that happy employees are up to 31 percent more productive and their creativity is up to three times higher. 


According to the German Federal Statistical Office, the average sickness rate in 2013 was 14.7 days. Absenteeism drops by 22 percent among employees with a high level of loyalty to the company. 


80 percent of employees with a high level of emotional commitment still intend to work for the same company in three years' time. With low emotional loyalty, this willingness drops to 61 percent, and with none at all, to as low as 34 percent.

Fluctuation costs companies between 40 and 200 percent of an employee's annual salary, depending on the position and the employee's qualifications. These costs include additional expenses for headhunters, job advertisements, loss of know-how, lost customer contacts, administrative expenses, double workload for colleagues or training.


According to studies, only 16 percent of employees are highly engaged. This means that 84 percent of employees represent unused potential. Current studies and comparative figures from Germany put the loss of a company with 100 employees at €750,000. 


Think long-term and draw on the untapped potential of your employees.

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Analysis of the current situation through a combination of different measures. These include workshops, anonymous employee surveys or individual interviews.


It is essential to integrate your employees and start a joint process so that everyone recognizes their own creative possibilities.


After analysis and kick-off, we jointly define the targeted implementation of the defined measures, taking into account the integration into your corporate culture.


To make success measurable, we use various tools. These not only evaluate success, but also identify further potentials that help learning organizations to continuously develop.

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