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Veit Hailperin is a systemic solution-oriented coach and received his training at the Kurszentrum Aarau, Institut für Coaching und Lösungsorientierte Systemtherapie, the first Swiss coaching institute. He is guest lectures at the CG Jung Institute in Küsnacht on addiction in the digital realm from Fromm's perspective as well as on Erich Fromm's analytical social psychology. As an organizational developer, Hailperin accompanies organizations towards a people-oriented corporate culture in which the potential of the employees can unfold. Hailperin is member of the advisory board of the International Erich Fromm Society and studied computer science and psychology. He lives and works in Zurich. 


Veit Hailperin
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Humanism in Coaching and Consulting

Veit Hailperin works with people and the systems in which they act. He is convinced that every healthy person wants to develop their potential. It is his concern to support them in doing so. Hailperin believes that unfolding one's potential is not a luxury, but an absolute necessity - both economically and socially. We will not be able to afford not to empower people. Neither as individuals, companies nor as society. 

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