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Erich Fromm's Relevance in Addressing Societal Ills: A Conference in Aachen

Erich Fromm writing

Amid the picturesque backdrop of Aachen, bright minds and open-minded thinkers will gather this weekend to shed light on the pressing issues of our time. The conference of the Aachen Social Convention promises not only exciting discussions, but also takes a fascinating look at the topicality of the great thinker Erich Fromm.

Social developments in recent decades have confronted us with a multitude of challenges that often leave us helpless and frightened. From the political shift to the right to the environmental crisis to loneliness in a networked world - the list is long, and it seems that our society is sick in many places.

But what can we do to find ways out of this crisis? This is where Erich Fromm comes in, whose thoughts and theories are more relevant today than ever before. The renowned psychoanalyst and social philosopher was a pioneer in the study of human nature and society. His writings have shaped the understanding of the deep connections between individual and societal health.

As a speaker and moderator at the symposium, I will offer insight into Fromm's work and its application to current social problems. His analytic social psychology continues to be a powerful tool to help us in our search for answers to the pressing questions of our time. Answers that strengthen both the individual and society as a whole.

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