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Coach in Enterprise Systems

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At AdNovum, a new initiative has launched and proven itself to be a success. Employees are free to make use of a coaching service. Among those knowing best on how to foster growth inside enterprises is Carla Bernegger.

Brown hair, black trousers, green shirt. Carla Bernegger stands in front of a PowerPoint presentation. But she isn't elaborating on the latest business numbers or some kind of morale-improving scheme. Carla has one goal: sharing how to best find the spot with the biggest impact, when coaching in an enterprise environment.

Carla Bernegger präsentiert
Sept. 2020, Aarau, Carla Bernegger

We are three coaches in AdNovum's coaching service that went into operation in the early months of 2020, after I pitched the idea in late 2019. The coaching crew's work is not only confidential, but it can be accessed without permission of a supervisor or a HR manager. It is also entirely voluntary and nobody gets docked imaginary Pixie Points for not going to a coaching session.

Continuous improvement is important to us and as such Carla’s training “Coaching in the Enterprise System” was an obvious choice.

Point of Intervention

One part of finding the best point of intervention is looking at the intrinsic motivation of the system. Intrinsic motivation is an often overly simplified concept that deserves a closer look. There are two very distinctly different intrinsic motivations, one which can lead to burnout the other nurturing healthy behavior and good results. I recently published a blog post about this aspect titled Burnout due to Intrinsic Motivation.

So imagine my surprise when I found out that Carla incorporates insights from my research into her works. I was humbled. Carla's work is nothing short of top notch.

If you want to make use of Carla's services, feel free to contact her at

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