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Beliefs in computer science

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"But the cloud is insecure," he says with conviction.

"That statement sounds familiar," I think to myself. Because the fact that the cloud is insecure is one of those beliefs that stubbornly persists.

Behind the belief system are fear, uncertainty and doubt. All things that have been successfully sown by companies so that they can sell their own products. The whole thing is largely based on a misunderstanding of the term "security". Whether we build a wall to keep out migrants or use a wedding ring to bind our partner, security as such does not exist. Risks, on the other hand, do.

When you use software, you take a risk. Risks can be analyzed and made tangible. After analyzing cloud risks, it turns out - using the cloud is less risky than developing the software in-house.

Bracket open. For the software vendor I work part-time for, I worked with a team to develop a new product for better collaboration, the Secure Cloud Factory. This is already in productive use and enables less friction between customers, partners and the software manufacturer. The platform relies exclusively on existing cloud-based software solutions, so-called Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The added value compared to standalone implementation is, among other things, the secure integration into an identity access management system. Bracket closed.

A project like this brings problems: There are a lot of stumbling blocks in development, and secure cloud connectivity is non-trivial, to say the least. The team and I drank a lot of coffee until this all ran smoothly. Black. No sugar.

But the biggest problem was the aforementioned belief set. Not all beliefs are created equal. Fortunately, this one wasn't identity-forming, or our solution probably wouldn't exist now. It was only possible because we took the blocking beliefs and fears seriously. This allowed them to soften or dissolve.

More details can be found in my guest article for Computerworld magazine "Zusammenarbeit wie auf Wolke 7 (german)"

Photo by Tobias Bjørkli from Pexels

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