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Addiction in the Digital Realm

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At the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich, where psychoanalysts are trained, non-substance addictions are also dealt with in the subject block Addiction in January. A special feature - from the perspective of Erich Fromm's analytical social psychology.

Calmness, inner activity and focus. Erich Fromm radiates all of this in his photographs. The psychoanalyst, who died 40 years ago, contributed significantly to the further development of Freudian work with the subconscious. His most famous works are "The Art of Loving" and "To Have or To Be." His main approach - analytic social psychology.

The most beautiful as well as the most abominable inclinations of man are not a fixed, biologically given part of his nature, but the result of the social process that produces man.

- Erich Fromm, Escape from Freedom

As someone who works in both IT and psychology, I have been asked to give the lecture Addiction in the Digital Realm (Non-substance-related addictions) for the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich. The target audience is prospective psychoanalysts, - but the lecture is public and can be listened to by anyone interested. The associated seminar is reserved for students.

All addictions are passions that create suffering. They are passivities.

-Erich Fromm, Affluence and Ennui in Our Society

In this lecture, we will examine addiction as behavior in the tradition of Erich Fromm's analytical social psychology in the context of current social, economic, and ideological realities. Digital addictions and in particular social media, serials, pornography and virtual reality will subsequently be considered as special cases of this behavior. The lecture will also include a technical part. This will be dedicated to the question: what are the addictive elements in the digital realm?

Interested parties can register for the lecture directly on the institute's website. The lecture will be held in German.

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